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Studio of window solutions DESIGN PLAST®

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Корректное отношение менеджеров и простота оформления, это большой плюс. В целом компания ООО "УКР-Химия" добросовестная и отлично выполняет свою работу, могу от себя рекомендовать. Вечером позвонил узнать, можно ли заказать МФК и оказалось, что он есть на складе. И в первую половину следующего дня мой заказ отгрузили. И сегодня как и обещали доставили мне полный комплект МФК. Благодарю ...

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Ильницкий Женя П.д.РАС !!!

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Studio of window solutions DESIGN PLAST®

Studio of window solutions DESIGN PLAST® is a factory for the manufacture of metal-plastic windows and doors from profile systems Rehau.

Since 2005 we are engaged in the production of metal-plastic structures. We are the official Authorized partner of the German concern Rehau.
We produce designs of any complexity, color, shape and size. Great experience in the manufacture of non-standard products.

We are a Studio of window solutions and are always ready not only to make flawless designs, but also to creatively choose a competent aesthetic glazing solution.
We glazed apartments, balconies and loggias, shopping pavilions, restaurants, show-windows, pools, verandas and terraces, greenhouses and conservatories ...

We cooperate with world manufacturers of components: Rehau, Maco, Hoppe, Glastrosch, Werzalit.
All products of the company and components are certified by UkrSEPRO.

DESIGN PLAST® is a registered trademark, our quality mark.

We guarantee the European standard of assembly, impeccable appearance and reliability of manufactured products.

For all designs and installation we provide factory warranty for 7 years!

Professional installation by staff brigades. Our installers have been trained at the REHAU Academy, so you can be assured of the quality of the installation work.

As a gift for each window, set the option "Microvolving" and the blind hole groove (protection against debris).

When ordering windows - all additional equipment with a 10% discount!

We constantly have a system of social discounts for veterans, invalids, pensioners and students and the Club Loyalty Program TM DESIGN PLAST.

Highly qualified managers, production personnel with extensive experience, responsible gauges and experienced installers, all this allows us to offer you many different options for manufacturing and installing plastic windows and doors, glazing of balconies and loggias, apartments, houses and winter gardens.

We successfully cooperate with foremen, construction organizations, architects and designers.

Always a partner solution of all emerging issues, we are always "on-line" with the Customer.

DESIGN PLAST® - manufacture of metal-plastic windows and doors at the highest level!

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